Be Wise

With an AI

AI is concentrate of human experience in digital universe.

We create

with Users in mind

We really appreciate the past — these collected data allows to train wisdom to make the right decisions in the future.
Our team more than 10 years’ experience in the field of digital health and telemedicine. We made research AI&CV technologies in stealth-mode last 2 years.

We appreciate the present — these ways into the future. And sometimes we want wise advice: which road to choose, true?
WiseAI was incorporated in the middle 2018 as Data Science & Medical Research company. We are working on machine diagnostics of human’s health by processing photos, images & video with AI/ML algorithms.

We appreciate the future. It attracts and wonder with new features

Our MD experts provides access to a large database of medical images, collected from thousands doctors from all over the world.

We — WiseAI LLC (Belarus)

Cyrill Atstarov, Co-founder

01. Corporate & Business

Clinics, MD practice, SPA&Beauty, insurance

Utilize Skinive’s intelligent skin analytics tools to provide advanced, evidence-based care to your patients anytime, anywhere. Unlock the full potential of your services by utilizing world-class clinical decision support tools to optimize your practice management, create a seamless workflow, and reach a wider range of patients and receive a new source of revenue.

Delivered Value: Skinive is designed to enhance your consultations through providing intelligent feedback, efficient and secure imaging, while enabling effective communications with your patients and comprehensive reports.

02. Digital Health Apps

Mobile&Web apps, Telemedicine services, Virtual assistants, Gadgets

MD’s are turning to teledermatology to offer a fast, affordable, and effective solution to the increasing need for proactive skin care services. Integrate with Skinive to provide your customers with an in-demand solution.

Delivered Value: Offer customized, specialized teledermatology services to your clients; Skinive allows medical experts to include overview and dermoscopic images and detailed patient histories to provide comprehensive, higher quality, sought-after care.

03. Cosmetics & Pharma

Companies, Vendors, Marketers

Become a central part of your customers’ community healthcare services by offering affordable skin health solutions that will raise profits and brand recognition by boosting foot traffic to your retail stores.

Delivered Value: By partnering with us you will become an intrinsic part of your consumers’ skin health care needs, experience additional revenue from associated services, CRM dataflow, and increased relationship value through your customer-oriented strategy.

The power of AI: Instant results based on the experience of thousands of doctors and millions of clinical cases


and key achievements

Solum offendit consetetur eum ne. Duo dictas molestiae conclusionemque ut, mei placerat iudicabit expetendis

Skinive detects the following classes skin diseases:
— Benign formations (moles, angioma, dermatofirbroma etc.)
— 10 types of Acne
— Skin virus (warts, papiloma, molluscum)
— Pre-cancer formations (blue&dysplastic nevus, keratosis, bouen, etc.)
— Skin cancer (Melanoma&lentigo, bcc, scc, etc. )

40 Skin diseases

1x-100x zoomed images

Working on smartphones

93,4% Accuracy (AUC/ROC)

Microsoft Azure Certified


Insight TDI Accelerator


Association of AI Developers in Medicine


National Medical Knowledge Base


Dermato-Oncology Laboratory of the SSM University


Dermato-Oncology Laboratory of the SSM University